Vermintide 2 has made more revenue than the original title in under two weeks

Vermintide 2 has made more revenue than the original title in under two weeks

Co-op action title Vermintide 2 has already made more revenue than its predecessor less than two weeks after launch.

That's according to the CEO of developer and publisher Fatshark, Martin Wahlund, who says that the PC-only release has already smashed the lifetime revenue made by the original game across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

"Right now, we have outsold, in terms of revenue, the lifetime revenue of the original Vermintide, and on PC only," he told

"So it's been pretty good so far. You never know what you're going to get when you launch a game. We had high hopes, we enjoyed playing it internally. We knew we had a good game. We didn't have a huge marketing budget, but we got a lot of support, both from the media, from streamers and from gamers all over the world. It's been fantastic for us. We're a relatively small independent company so it's tough to get through. We knew we had a good game with the first one, and we had a good following, but you never know with a sequel."

Pressed as to why the game has outstripped the original, Wahlund said that it's a combination of it being a sequel - with original fans acting as evangelists for the title - as well as it simply being an improved game.

"First of all, it's a sequel. If you do a follow-up to a game that was quite successful, which the first one was, you have the old audience, who come back and vouch for it, which gives you a headstart. So word of mouth spreads," he said.

"It's also a much better game. We learnt a lot about giving people something to strive for. We have a different system by which players can get stuff. The core of the game is just better."

The original Vermintide launched back in 2015. Its sequel launched on March 8th and sold 500,000 copies its first few days

You can read more about Vermintide 2's success in our full interview with Wahlund, which will be published in the near future. 

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