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Operations Assistant

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Job Title Operations Assistant
Job Description

We are looking for somebody to assist the COO and senior managers in a range of admin, creative and process tasks.

Our Chief Operations Officer needs to clone himself! He and the senior managers need help on the tactical side of things so they can concentrate on the bigger strategy. That’s where you come in. Working across a number of departments, including editorial, marketing, events and more, there are daily communication and organisation tasks that ensure the smooth running of the company. As our ambitions and our teams grow, there’s more to do so if you’re looking to get a general grounding in media, this is your chance to see behind the scenes and help get stuff done.

This is a flexible, fun role with a lot of variety and an opportunity to be at the heart of a busy publishing and event company.

We need your help!

This is a full-time, work-from-home/work-from anywhere position, although you will ideally be on the same time zone as the COO which means UK or adjacent.

You will work remotely, usually from your own home, and therefore a London or Bath location is not essential. You will work over email, Skype, Zoom, Trello and other channels to pick up tasks that the company needs executing quickly. Reporting directly to the COO, you will be the senior management teams’ “fixer”, taking on a variety of day-to-day tasks across all the departments of the company, deputizing for managers where needed and plugging into projects that need an extra pair of hands. A good command of English is essential as is a love of detail and great written communication skills, because you will be reading, creating, checking and processing a lot of documents.

It may be valuable that you have easy access to transport centres such as a train station and airport, because when the world unlocks again you may be invited to meet Steel Media Ltd representatives and clients at relevant events.

What would you be doing?

The role would naturally evolve with market trends and any changes in the company, and working alongside a busy team you will need to be flexible, but the initial focus would be items like this:

• Help process event attendee data, managing Excel/Google spreadsheets of contacts, collating customer information and formatting documents in a way that the rest of the company can use for marketing/sales/editorial, importing into our event meeting platform etc.
• Create and update Eventbrite ticket pages for upcoming events. Manage the order forms and the public-facing information about the event.
• Deal with customer support queries from event attendees.
• Handle small writing jobs, such as crafting occasional updates for the event websites, adding event descriptions to our editorial sites (, writing explanatory copy for our registration pages and similar small copy/marketing tasks.
• Keeping track of traffic data from our sites using tools like Google Analytics.
• Updating document and sheets that track traffic, attendance and other metrics on behalf of the editorial and marketing teams.
• Assisting with the hiring of new staff in the form of uploading job ads to recruitment sites. This may also involve some talent scouting in the form of internet research.
• Keeping track of paperwork pertaining to staff roles and responsibilities, tracking the company’s hardware loans and other internal office paperwork.
• Communicating with clients, customers, event speakers, PR contacts and other external figures when information needs to be shared with them, event invitations need to be sent out etc.
• Setting up and monitoring surveys (through the use of tools like Survey Monkey or Google Forms).
• Helping with research for panels, talks and interviews at our conferences. This may also involving watching during the conference and helping with content on the fly.
• Subbing and proofing tasks as directed, helping the other production assistant and marketing exec double-check their work so it’s fit to publish.
• Collating and maintaining internal documents like style guides and staff handbooks.
• Potentially attending events – which could be anywhere in the world – and helping on reception, helping with customer service live on site, handing out tickets at the door, social media activity, and other duties as needed by the production, creative and marketing teams during the delivery of live content.
• Generally helping the internal teams communicate effectively with each other, and helping them all communicate effectively with external partners.
• Act as an assistant to the COO and the department heads, and be the person who implements many of the day-to-day essentials behind the scenes so that editorial, marketing, content and production teams can focus more effectively on strategy.
• You will keep abreast of industry developments and the latest tech and news, and be a fountain of knowledge on all the subjects we cover, and know what’s going on in the games industry and what big events are coming up.
• You will contribute to our social media channels if necessary.
• You will join the team to brainstorm on new ideas for improving our marketing, editorial and internal communications, and be ready to bring new processes and ideas to the table. You will actively contribute to conversations intended to improve our websites and event activities, strengthen links between the website and the events, and help pitch and plan new projects. You will help originate and champion improvements to our brands and contribute new ideas to processes across the whole company.

Steel Media is a small company where the teams work on a number of projects simultaneously; decisions are made quickly, and no two days are the same. So you’ll need to be good at working independently when needed, and respond to the wider needs of the senior managers as they arise. You need to manage multiple communications channels daily, via email, Skype, Zoom and Google Docs and not be fazed by this. Due to working remotely, you will need to be comfortable being out of an office setting (it doesn't suit everyone) and be able to communicate and report to your line-manager via Skype and other online systems regularly.

Benefits to you

Why would you do this job? It’s a great first step on the media ladder and a chance to gain rapid experience across a number of departments.

Although this is an entry-level job, it’s flexible and for the most part you’ll be left unsupervised to set your own schedule at home.

But you’ll also be part of a team who’ll work together online to support each other and get the job done.

Steel Media is a small, growing company that’s recently become part of a much bigger international operation. You’ll get a glimpse of the wider international games industry, possibly experience some travel, and certainly have your eyes opened to the possibilities of the industry. You’ll make friends from all around the world.

Steel Media is quick to respond to trends at the forefront of the industry. We were one of the first media companies to realise the potential of mobile, NFTs, the metaverse… If you’re an early-adopter and naturally curious, you’ll break a lot of new ground with us.

The people here have a huge amount of experience: many members of the team have been working in the games media for over 20 years, and you’ll receive a great deal of on-the-job insight and training from them.

You’ll be supporting a senior figure in the company – you’ll be at the heart of the company, placing you in a good spot to grow your responsibilities if you prove yourself and as opportunities open up.

You’ll encounter people from all around the games industry from developers to investors. If you’re interested in a career in games, publishing or events, this is a place to build your network of contacts.

It’s a fun, geeky environment full of like-minded people.

This could be ideal for you if you are...

• Seeking an entry-level position at a media company with a chance to grow.
• A writer and communicator by nature but not sure yet how to use those skills in the workplace.
• Positive, helpful, practical, loyal, patient.
• Possessed of curiosity and passion for games, tech, travel, business.
• A Renaissance person with a head for both words and numbers.

Some things we need from you:

• Fantastic use of English and impeccable attention to detail when it comes to words and numbers. You may be asked to take a written test as part of the interview process.
• Some experience of editorial, marketing/PR or event production work is desirable but not essential.
• A broad understanding of games and technology (or the earnest desire to learn more)
• Able to work home-based (with a very stable internet connection)
• Valid passport, no special visa or travel restrictions.
• Willingness to travel and represent the company at conferences sometimes.
• A wide interest in games, technology, business, events and digital entertainment.
• A can-do attitude when it comes to problem-solving.

For more information contact COO Dave Bradley [email protected]


Sector Digital / Web / Media
Category Administration
Level Junior / Executive
Contract Type Freelance
Hours Full Time
Date Posted 6 December 2021
Contact Dave Bradley
Email [email protected]
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